Can someone help with Mirror's Edge?

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Can someone help with Mirror's Edge?

Postby tuanhuy » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:31 am

When most kids are barely beginning the second grade, Andy Macdonald was beginning the sport which will soon become his career. "I'd, like, somewhat blueberry board, before they'd big wide boards," he recalls of first skateboard at seven. "I later were built with a skateboard for Christmas once i was 12 from Mother. She wouldn't let me play football Because that was too dangerous. But she let me how to turn on a skateboard. In my opinion she believe it is just apt to be a phase, you understand?In .

Fortunately for Macdonald it absolutely was a phase he'd never outgrow. At 27, Macdonald has compensated his dues and cemented themselves one of the top professional skateboarders by ranking inside the world's top in street and vert styles. The Boston native posseses an impressive resume including: six X-Games gold medals, to start with within the 2000 Gravity Games, the Guinness World Record for your longest visit a skateboard (56', 10"), and five consecutive World Cup Skateboarding overall points titles. He even has their very own U.S. postage stamp and processes just like a spokesperson for your Partnership for just about any Drug-Free America.

A self-described "full jock" just like a teen, Macdonald (a.k.a. Andy Mac and Mac Father) required part in soccer, swimming, basketball, wrestling and gymnastics until he made a decision to devote all his time to skateboarding. "All I desired to accomplish was skate," based on him. "When I used to be in junior in secondary school I'd lately been entering competitions and did virtually. I believed I could possibly make a living at skateboarding."

And Macdonald wasn't just latching onto some popular fad. Really, he was among just four skaters at his secondary school. But he did embrace the existence-style completely. Interested in such hardcore bands as Gangrene and Slapshot, Macdonald outfitted mostly in products offered at the thrift store and "most likely probably the most loud, random group of old-man plaid pants" he might find, they would convert into shorts. "That was the skate style then," according to him. "I'd also take flannel pajamas then cut them into shorts. Individuals were the most popular.In .

Macdonald skated becoming an amateur around Colonial with the early '90s and would eventually make his big skate break because he relocated out West. "If you want to become an actress, you need to Hollywood. If you're a skateboarder, you need to la. This is when all of the marketplace is,In . according to him.

Along with the great weather. Maturing in Boston, Macdonald found themselves skating outdoors for approximately six several days in the year. In Hillcrest he could skate outdoors year-round, which really shown to become big adjustment. "In Boston, I'd only skated with maybe two or three pros inside my existence basically," according to him. "I'd mostly seen them in videos and magazines and stuff, now here' was a student in the skate park skating with pros each day. Only the simplicity of use of a variety of skating. I obtained really into pool skating, skating in empty pools -- something avoid in Colonial whatsoever.Inch

But departing to California didn't instantly guarantee him a seat just like a pro. "Once I gone after California I'd no sponsors. I'd $500 inside my pocket and understood nobody there along with a Nissan Sentra wagon much more of stuff. I merely drove available.Inch

As he showed up in Hillcrest he'd only $50 within the pocket with no destination. He requested earnings each and every supermarket, service station and video store he might find, but nobody would hire him. It absolutely was a vacation to Sea World that showed up him employment. "I used to be the person who outfitted within the Shamu suit, making minimum wage, $4.25 in those days,In . according to him with half fun.

The Shamu gig lasted for just about any season as well as other random jobs adopted. Noisy . 1994, Macdonald showed up a sponsorship in the small Hillcrest-based apparel company referred to as Human and switched pro. "From the getting my first contract. It absolutely was basically like, this can be my dream, getting compensated to ride my How To Ride A Skateboard Step By Step. It's something my mother described I'd never be capable of do. Therefore I got anything, signed it, developed a copy from this, and authored in big letters within the front from this in red ink, `I stated so."'

He's been skating for a job since.

"Initially initially when i first started, I basically visited contests to make sure that I really could make enough money to go to the next contest," according to him of his early pro years. "Essentially got fifth devote your competition, I really could virtually make sure that I'd make enough money to pay for my flight to a different contest."

That was his skating request his initial few seasons until '96. "I visited Newport, R.I, the second year in the Xtreme Games, and i also beat Tony Hawk inside the vert competition there. This is where people started to notice me."

That was Macdonald's first pro vert victory. Despite the fact that he'd won some street contests before, it had been his first televised win. "It mostly provided the arrogance which i didn't have to just stay in like the fifth or sixth range to eat enough money to keep going. I really could really try my hardest and skate to win."

With fame came several solid sponsorship options -- crucial for skateboarding survival. Macdonald remains supported by Split (apparel) and Brigade (skateboards) in the last four years eight years by Bit of fabric watches he's stood a 10-year relationship with Airwalk (footwear) remains signed to SoBe beverages for several years Pro-Tec helmets for just two years is to apply Harbinger pads Powerbar (snack) just signed with Tech Deck to produce a signature Brigade finger board additionally to recently signed a deal with Lego due to its new toy line referred to as Bionical -- figures for 12- to 14-year-olds.

For his personal style, it changes along with his apparel sponsors. "I have not gone shopping since i have have was 14 years old. And before which i didn't shop since i have were built with a mature brother that provided all his hands-me-downs," according to him. "My partner [his secondary school sweetheart whom he married last March] calls me Preppie Boy. It's like the L.L. Bean, Bostonian, Colonial route."

It's a style that youthful kids required notice of while not one Macdonald always would like to benefit from. "Kids are actually asking me lately about getting my own, personal apparel line," he notes. "But I am unsure if If only to begin my own, personal business. I basically need to be a specialist How to Ride a Skateboard for Beginners and that's what If only to focus on.In .

It's compensated off in ways than the usual single. Most recently, its northern border Park Hall of Champions Museum in California as well as the Australian Gallery of Sport & Olympic Museum in Melbourne incorporated artifacts donated by Macdonald that incorporated his personal skateboards, equipment, pics and vids incorporated in exhibits highlighting action-sport athletes. "I look at this because the second area of the development of skateboarding since it becomes a global sport," he concludes. "It's due here i am at skateboarders to get legendary for the talent and innovation they convey.Inch
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Re: Can someone help with Mirror's Edge?

Postby PikaFiend » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:06 pm

Time tends to also be a memory thing. Game Genie generally can't help with things like that, other than editing play time of saves back to zero.
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