WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

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WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby Let_die » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:31 am

How I missed that time when we asked for a code and always had a moderator to help us...

Nowadays, it seems that administrators have let the ghosts take over, they do not release any new codes and still remove games from the list. :?

What's happened for this neglect with all of us, customers and owners, who believed and bought a Game Genie?

I am extremely disappointed by the negligence from those who are responsible for the software, because they simply do not respond to user requests.

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Re: WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby PikaFiend » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:36 pm

Let's just be fair here, those mods that are still relatively active, ie Aragorn and myself, offer help when we can. But the fact is that work on anything is either done with or very slow for the reasons mentioned above.

Personally, I'm glad that my GG has never given me any problems and I have more than gotten my $20 worth out of using it on probably over 80 games.

I would also note that no negligence has taken place here on the part of any forum staff or even Hyperkin. They have not caused any harm to anyone. People have bought a license to use a product, whether their product was usable for 2 hours or 2 years, there was never any intentional harm caused, nor even accidental. There has been neglect to some degree, but that has nothing to do with the forum staff. We are by and large unaffiliated with Hyperkin and have little to no contact with them, nor any influence on policies, product changes or discontinued services.

I'm sorry so many people are angry or disappointed or whatever, but this is the nature of services, they do not continue indefinitely. They become obsolete and stop being profitable. Due to the lack of games coming out for the PS3, lack of those games that do come out being localized as the market outside of Japan just isn't there anymore and various other factors, the Game Genie just stopped being a priority for Hyperkin and that is an understandable outcome. Who knows, maybe there'll be one for the PS4. I'm not going to hold my breath on it, but that's just me. We should just use our GGs while the servers are still up and be glad that they are still usable for those of us not experiencing 1005 errors.
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Re: WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby Bree » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:41 pm

rangeraragorn wrote:The Game Genie service is not going to run indefinitely. At some point it will come to an end. Might as well accept that.

Let's face it - there's less GG activity period. Many users, mods, community coders, etc. have moved on to next gen consoles (or left console gaming altogether) - new games have practically stopped for the PS3 (right now only Persona 5 appears to be slated to come out, and not until April) - it's slowed up quite a bit. And without a significant amount of activity on the boards, many of the admins and mods haven't had a real need to frequent here very often. I'm sure many have used the extra time to focus on other things in their lives.

If you are like me, you've used your GG to apply codes to a number of games over the duration you've had access to the service, and likely got your money's worth out of it already, so it's hard to say "they owe us". Really, we should see it as a bonus that some of us can still use our GG.

Hyperkin has stated they no longer support the GG service, so it's not negligence, it's a discontinued service. I wouldn't be surprised if Hyperkin ceased supporting the GG service a while ago, and we have several community members to thank for keeping it going this long.

Those of us still able to use our Game Genies should be fortunate that we still can. At some point, though, the connection to the servers will end, so we should get prepared now.

And as for removed codes, if you are talking about BF4, I've mentioned in the Battlefield 4 thread that I don't think codes were ever released for the game. If there were any, the game would be listed in the Update Lists posted by ss4gogeta069 or GameGenieBob, and I don't see it ever mentioned.

Hyperkin has stated they no longer support the GG service, so it's not negligence, it's a discontinued service. I wouldn't be surprised if Hyperkin ceased supporting the GG service a while ago, and we have several community members to thank for keeping it going this long.

I have to say that if what you said is true Hyper kin would still leave the servers up for the rest of the codes still could be uses,or some one can have there own server with Hyper kin's blessing.For Hyperkin still having there servers still in use wont cost them anything.I can rember when I first joined this forum and bought my GG this place was busy,I do miss that but is sad that rangeraragorn is 100% right about PS 3 and people moved on to next gen or just gave up gaming.I wish Hyperkin luck on making a GG for the PS 4..
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Re: WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby Jupiter Knight » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:40 pm

GG was great while it lasted. I got rid of my Game Genie seeing as I no longer own a PS3. I'm now the happy owner of an X-Box One S. I will always have a special place for Game Genie and hope one day a new program comes out for the future console systems. I just hope some day we see this again.
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Re: WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby PS3guy » Sat Jan 28, 2017 2:32 am

Let's hope that GG codes for the PS3 will still be made for at least a good number of years before then. I'm hoping for at least a good decade worth of PS3 coding and gaming before we all go, "Well, it's time to retire the PS3 GG and move on." :mrgreen:
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Re: WHAT'S UP GAME GENIE?????????????????

Postby SelectAll » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:01 am

It would be great if they could set it up so that game genie will work offline. You know without having to connect to a server. That way we could still use the codes that have been made.
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