Guidelines for submitting saves to GG staff to review

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Guidelines for submitting saves to GG staff to review

Postby Gaarasaiyan » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:07 am

First and foremost let me say we do appreciate all the help & support we get from our fan base & community. We appreciate the feedback too guys. It helps us improve on what needs improving & let's us know what we are doing right.

That being said some users are submitting saves with no info whatsoever as to what has been done or acquired in the game. Without this info we can not & will not review those saves & your post will simply be deleted starting as of today. Handing us a save with no info is like handing someone a book who cannot read & demanding they finish by midnight. If you're playing an RPG look for money, stats of each character, your inventory & how much of each thing you have in the inventory. If you're playing a fps list ammo, guns unlocked or what rank you got on which levels. Basically things you acquire or accomplish in game that you'd like to simply acquire or accomplish easier, list your current progress. That gives us something to go on & from there we know what to look for.

You guys don't seem to understand that with no info we are basically looking at a bunch of letters & numbers. We can't do anything with it really. So in the future if you submit a save detail what is in it in the post or include a read me with details in the zip you upload. Just let us know that the link or zip contains a read me of details about the save in your post or it will be deleted. I hope we can all understand this as I have made it as clear as I possibly can.

Also let me make this clear as well. We WILL NOT HELP YOU CHEAT ONLINE. We won't max out your online character so you can destroy everyone online. Or max your online money or ammo or anything of the sort.

Just to be sure.. if your playing a game & notice wow it's gonna take forever to get that item/amount of money/level, then simply tell us what you currently have & that you wish for that cheat. We may be genies but we can't read minds. You have to ask in detail what your wish is for us to grant it.

That's all for that issue. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

Happy Gaming!

If you don't like what a mod does or says message me, but be warned they are merely enforcing the rules. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly feel free to PM me and I will review the issue.
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