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Postby Gaarasaiyan » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:38 pm

Ok users of GG & Members of GG forum,
Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that should be read before posting.
Q. Can you allow us to make codes for (insert game name here) I want to for offline only.
A. No we cannot each game has to be checked out first to see what data can be modified & if anything will affect online play. Therefore we won't just be adding games to the list.

Q: Can you fix it so these trophies unlock? It's offline only for crying out loud!
A: No we can't give you trophies just because you want them. GG wasn't designed to give you trophies it was designed to make games more fun, easier or add replay value.

Q: Can you allow codes for locked game saves? I can get it off my system I have CFW.
A: No we will not make codes for games with locked game saves unless the developer releases a patch to unlock the saves.

Q: Can you please add CoD /Dark souls/Star Ocean?
A: CoD will not be added as it will lead to online modding as some data is stored on the saves that links to MP. Dark souls & Star Ocean is locked.

Q: How do I resign my profile to another save?
A: The best way is to copy your profile from the same game you're downloading the save for. Example if you're wanting to download a Dragons Dogma save to extract your profile from your own Dragons Dogma save. These are the steps: Copy your save to USB from your PS3, take it to the PC & open the GG program, right click your save choose extract profile,(I'd name your profile so you don't get confused if you extract multiple profiles I name mine my PSN/SEN ID) Now all you do is download the save open it in the GG program, right click & choose resign, choose your profile you've already extracted, copy back to ps3 & overwrite. That's all there is to it.

Q: Why can't you make God mode/Auto Aim/Auto Headshots/Inf Lives/Inf Ammo/Inf Money codes?
A: The Game Genie is a save editor. It can only modify the data stored in a save. We can only create those types of codes if the developers left in those options in that form or a debug mode that can be enabled & disabled by a 0 or 1. The Game Genie cannot access the ps3 memory and edit these things on the fly. For that you would need a cfw ps3 and or a device like UC. Do not ask how to obtain these as it is strictly prohibited to talk about those things in this forum.
Game Genie is a SAVE EDITOR not a MEMORY EDITOR. That being said please do not ask for these types of codes. If we find it is possible a code will be made for it. But to date only one game has had a Debug left in the save data and that is Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Q: I just got my game genie and there's nothing on it no install file or anything, what do I do?
A: You can go here to get the install http://download.gamegenie.us/ps3/

Q: Hey I found codes for a game that's not on your list, so is it cool if I post them?
A: While us at GG love our users and fans to try and help and contribute, we would appreciate not posting codes for games we do not support. If it's not supported, there is a reason. Either we will not support this game & develop codes for it, or we just haven't got to it yet. We have to check each game and make sure we can make codes for it that won't interfere with any kind of online multiplayer. This may result in unfairness towards those that do not own a Game Genie. No, please do not post codes for games that isn't supported by the GG. If you do, the topic will simply be removed.

Q: Can I upload a modded save?
A: No you cannot. We don't allow that on the forums for multiple reasons. Especially if you modded your save via another site or program as 95% of the time unless the codes were stolen from us in the first place they do not work!

Q: If I buy game genie can I upload youtube videos of it & me showing how to use it?
A: Yes you can, as long as you do not advertise to mod other peoples saves or offer the service, be it free or charging them to do so. You must also tell where to buy the product by including a link in the description.

Q: Can you make codes for this online game?
A: No, we will never make codes for any online game. Every game we code is thoroughly checked first before we even start making codes so that we can see if our cheats would affect online play or not.

Other topics to read before posting:

This post will be updated with more FAQs as they get asked so check back every now and then. If you make a post related to one of the these FAQs then it will be deleted.
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