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Postby ss4gogeta069 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:07 am

In rule number 11 it states that we will delete any post that requests cheats and does not supply a save. We have not been enforcing this rule but it has become a problem. There are probably 15 cheat requests for every one save uploaded.


Therefore, I will be enforcing this rule starting today! If you have a problem with this you are welcome to take it up with Gaarasaiyan, although I'm pretty sure he is behind me 100% on this.

It's really simple... UPLOAD A SAVE WITH YOUR REQUEST!!!! If you don't know how to upload a save, the easiest thing to do is create an account on a file hosting site such as MediaFire and then zip your file and upload it to there. Copy the link to the file and paste it in the post. Also, your save file MUST HAVE all relevant information for the save. That means HP/MP/EXP/$/AMMO/ITEMS (name and amount) /HEALTH/basically anything that has a value and can be modded.

Just because you may not want an all items code doesn't mean we can't use your save to create one for everyone else. So, please upload saves.

Here is a wonderful tutorial about how to upload saves made by our own GameGenieBob HOW TO UPLOAD SAVES!

We can't bring you cheat codes in a timely manner without a decent amount of saves. If you remember Assassin's Creed:Rogue was added almost instantly. That was because everyone was uploading saves and there were plenty to work with! Follow this example!!!

We also need saves from multiple people. One person's save data may be in a different location than another's and the only way to tell is with multiple saves from multiple people!

There has also been a lot of laziness when it comes to looking for an existing thread about your game. Guys, just do a little searching in the requests section to see if there is a thread about your game before creating a new topic!

Lastly, if you request codes for a game that is not out yet, as in it has not been released in the US or EU, your request will be deleted!
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