Submitting or contributing codes *NEW GUIDELINES*

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Submitting or contributing codes *NEW GUIDELINES*

Postby Gaarasaiyan » Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:31 am

Ok guys, as of recent I was contacted by a coder who complained that this forum was hosting his work without permission. Submitting and contributing are two different things. Anyone can submit saves via Google search. To contribute though means you're contributing you're own codes that you've taken time to make. Now granted I seriously doubt we will get in any legal trouble. But that isn't what this is about.

Coders find joy & pride in cracking that game & making codes for it. All they have that ties them to that is a name. While some of you may not understand it as a coder I do, & I'm only a novice in skill level compared to some others. This is about respect & thanks for those that do dedicate their time to make codes. Effective immediately if I receive a pm claiming it is their work & they prove you stole it I'll remove it & ban you from the forum for a set time for your first offense. Second is a perma-ban.

I cannot sort through this massive forum of codes but as of right now any future code posting both Bob and I will enforce this rule. If I or bob find that you've submitted work as your own & it's not, then you will suffer the consequences. If you wish to post someone else's work, you MUST have their permission first. If no contact can be made you must post a link. No links to ps3hax or any site that host codes for the wanna be gg software. If the name of that software is mentioned in the post that is linked to the link & codes will be removed.

If you don't like what a mod does or says message me, but be warned they are merely enforcing the rules. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly feel free to PM me and I will review the issue.
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