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This is for General discussion. A place where anything game related can be talked about as long as you still abide by the forum rules. Have a non ps3/game genie question or topic? Post them here. JUST FOLLOW THE FORUM RULES.

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Forum Rules!

Postby Admin » Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:01 pm

Thank you for joining the Game Genie Community!

We will try to answer any questions you may have pertaining to our Game Genie Products, and put our best effort into releasing cheat requests as quickly as possible.

Here are the Rules we ask you to follow when using these Forums:

  1. Trash talking, cursing, or product bashing will not be tolerated on our Forums, and is strictly prohibited.
    • This includes any remarks that are deemed to be racial, personal, gender biased, or anything even remotely offensive, including typing in "ALL CAPS" as it's considered shouting.
    • This also includes any abbreviations of curse words.
      • If you choose to break Rule #1, you will be Warned once, then subsequently Banned Permanently the second time this occurs. There are no exceptions to this Rule.

  2. Please do not make double posts, make duplicate Topics, or entries about the same questions.
    • Double posts or duplicate topics will be immediately deleted, and will not benefit you toward getting your questions answered any quicker.

  3. Please stay on topic in all Topics and discussions in our Forums. As this is a Rule in most Online Forums, please adhere to this Rule.

  4. Please do not include any Hotlinks, Links, semi-links, or any Links written in a different way about Copyrighted Material.
    • If you choose to post these Links, you will be Warned once, and on the second time, you will be Banned.

  5. We have a section for posting Save Game Files for review by our Developers, as well as sharing with other Users. Please only post Save Game Files in this portion of the Forum.

  6. Do not post Topics or Requests for people to modify your Save Game File for you. We are a business, and buying our product is the only way we can continue to provide you with great game codes and updates.
    • Failing to adhere to this Rule will earn the User a Warning the first time, a Temporary Ban (Time to be determined by the Moderator) the second time, and a Permanent Ban the third time.
      • No exceptions!

  7. Do not send Emails to the Game Genie Team regarding game requests or broken codes, as this Email is strictly reserved for technical support.

  8. Do not create Topics or posts regarding non-official Sony firmware (aka CFW) or products from competitors.
    • If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be Warned once, and the second time, you will be Banned.
      • No exceptions.

  9. Do not Request or discuss creating cheat codes for Online Game Modes. That is strictly against our Rules and we will never make cheats for Online Game Modes.
    • You will be warned only once about this.

  10. Do not post codes for games that Game Genie does not yet Support. Do not post Modified Saves for our Developers or Users to look at regardless if you modded them yourself and they work for you or not.
    • We only will look at un-modded Saves.

  11. Do not Request codes for a game that is not currently out yet or you have not submitted a Save with.
    • If you Request codes for a game without submitting a Save the post will be deleted after 24 hours, whenever a Moderator becomes available to do so.
    • This also goes for code fixes and additional codes for a game already supported!
    • We can't help you if you don't help us.

  12. You are allowed to Request a game save in a general fashion but only Unmodded Saves for games that are not Save Locked.
      • Example: "Can someone upload a Final Fantasy XIII Save after the first fight with Barthandelus?"
    • With that said, there is to be no specific Requests.
      • Example, "Can someone upload a Skyrim Save with max stats and max arrows?"
    • No Requesting Saves with specific things.
    • You may Request something like a Starter Save for Advanced Mode Only games, simply to get a better start on a game, but nothing specific.
        • Example, "Can someone upload a Starter Save for Skyrim?"
    • This is to all be done in the Games Saves section of the Forum.
        • If you request a specific Save or a modded Save or a locked Save, it will be deleted immediately.
        • You will be Warned only once for this!

  13. Please do not Spam the Game Genie Moderator Staff with Requests for Codes and/or Saves.
    • We are here to help with Forum issues and to help with cheats and coding when we can. If we can help, we will post in the Forums, not over Private Messaging, so all can benefit.
      • This also includes Freelance coders like Skiller. He will help whenever he can, but do not Spam him demanding help.

Thank you!
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