Sending a PM to Game Genie staff and volunteers

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Sending a PM to Game Genie staff and volunteers

Postby GenieLamp » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:14 pm

We do appreciate that when a customer has a major issue that they want it resolved as soon as possible, and we completely understand it and this is what we aim for. Recently though, the staff and volunteers who help on this board seem to have been getting the following:

  • The same private message with the same content sent to several staff/volunteers - While sending the same issue to several people may seem like a good way of getting a reply, in reality it causes problem as then multiple staff and volunteers are all sending information to try and help you. This means that we're not offering the one to one support we love to do and the tying up of resources that other customers with issues need.
  • The same content sent in several private messages to the same person - Sending the same private message several times to the same member of staff or volunteer will slow that person down. If you have an issue, we will try to respond as soon as possible and generally that should be within 24 hours. But please do remember that the staff and volunteers (who do not work for Hyperkin but assist us in their spare time) also need sleep, food and some time off, eg weekends!
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