PS3 Heatsink/Thermal Paste Replacement

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PS3 Heatsink/Thermal Paste Replacement

Postby MartinL » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:18 am

Hi all,

My PS3 (old 80gb model) died a year or so ago but I wasn't too concerned since I'd already bought a PS4. However, recently I've had a hankering to play some of my old PS3 games and I'd quite like to get the old girl going again.

It was around 6 years old when it stopped working so it wasn't too much of a surprise. One day it started cutting out a few seconds after being turned on, as though the main power switch had been turned off, with no beeps or flashing lights. From what I've read on forums its either a broken PSU or worn out thermal paste/heatsink. A while ago I replaced the PSU with a working one from a different console but unfortunately the problem persisted. Is is therefore likely to be a thermal paste/heatsink issue or could it be something else?
Also, if I can't get it going again, would it be possible to buy a used, working console and just swap over the hard drives?

Any help is appreciated.

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