So is the GG For PS3 more or less done?

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So is the GG For PS3 more or less done?

Postby Seritho » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:55 pm

It seems that only 2 official releases have happened for the entire year of 2016 and many games have had codes retracted making things even more limited. I haven't been keeping up with the Community Made codes either because it seems that those are limited as well and get deleted sometimes. I understand deleting certain codes because they fall too close to the line of Trophy Hunting and such, just sad to see it happen and so extensively. Several games I really enjoyed having so much versatile control over, now have like 1 code available for them. So it begs the question for me, is GG for the PS3 fizzling out and are we in danger of seeing the servers go offline thus rendering our ability to alter our games inert?
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