Using PS Now and Game Genie

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Using PS Now and Game Genie

Postby Whizz83 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:11 pm

To put it simply you can use PS Now, the game streaming service, and edit your saves with Game Genie, but you MUST have PS+ and have PS3 access to do it. The service streams the game to you and stores the save online, in a ps now folder. Watch my youtube video here to see what I'm talking about and how you can use ps+ saves with ps now. PS Now emulates the ps3's xmb menu very lightly. It won't recognize a USB device, on either ps3 (i literally just tested this as i'm making this post) or ps4, so you can't just copy and paste it over, you must copy it to the ps+ save folder and then from your ps3 you can bring the save down and move it to a usb device, make your save edits, and copy it back to ps+ cloud enabling you to use your edit save on a ps now game.

One note and word of warning is that certain games may not be compatible with saves that have used DLC. I had all the DLC for Mass Effect 2, but my ps3 died. I wanted to finish my Insanity playthrough and get the Platinum Trophy. I rented Mass Effect 2 on ps now, but I couldn't use my save because the game that was being streamed didn't include all the DLC for me to be able to use my existing save, it gave me an error about missing content. The reason is that it's streaming the game from the PS Now servers and it doesn't contain the DLC for that game. Not every game may have this issue, but it is one that you should keep in mind if you did play to try to play a game that you might already have a save for.
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