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Hey users of GG please read.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:55 am
by Gaarasaiyan
Guys to help cut down on time for the DEVs please do the following;
1. Do not ask for codes for games that have a competitive MP component to the game such as BF3 or CoD.
2. Do not ask for codes for games that have locked saves. Before requesting codes try & copy the save for the game you're about to ask for codes for. Then you'll know if it's locked or not.
3. If a game save is locked please report it on the "List of locked game saves" topic started by Lying Cake.
4. Check the forum for duplicate topics. If you see a game that you want is already on the requested list simply add your code request to that topic, don't create another for the same game.
5. In the event a duplicate topic was made please flag the topic so our admins can delete it. We try our best to go through the forums ourselves but sometimes we might miss a few things.
6. If you make a topic that violates any of the forums rules or guidelines then I reserve the right to delete them without explanation.
7. Above all else please don't rush or bash the DEVs in anyway. If there are codes you want for a game the GG supports feel free to use Advanced Mode to find & add new codes yourself. If you think it's too hard take that into consideration on the DEVs behalf as well because it's challenging to them too.

That's all please and thanks.